Who I am

I’m Aurelì,

Skin has always fascinated me.
Looking at it, touching it, smelling it…
It is a magnificent organ that represent and protect us.

I relied on an aesthetic doctor to understand what was the best products to be used to improve and maintain it. We have talked.

The patients who went to his office always asked the same question: "Doctor, what can I use after the operation?".

There was a need of delicacy, efficacy and protection.
Exactly what I was looking for.

My line was born starting from this.
Starting from well-being, from science... and from me.

The first line of Aesthetic Cosmetics derived from beauty and created for beauty.
Products with very high skin tolerability with a touch of elegance and refinement.

Behind every package, every serum, every substance there is a long research in aesthetic, technical and technological terms. We started from the raw formula and arrived at defining the character of each cosmetic with fragrances close to the artistic perfumery... Madagascar vanilla, blueberry, tuberose, Tonka beans.

The first Aesthetic Cosmetics born from medical experience.

I created the best for myself.
I wanted to share it with you.

In search of eternal Beauty.